Multi-input temperature control E5CC

High performancre and operational simplicity.

  • E5CC-RX2ABM-000 ——————————– Relay exit
  • E5CC-QX2ABM-000 ——————————– SSR exit

The temperature controller is the latest generation of E5_C. It establishes a new global standard in terms of precision and simplicity for any user. We have incorporated a better performance system for control. Easy technical settings and high visibility on LCD IP66 screens. With a white compact housing that is only 60 mm in depth.

  • Rapid regulation which needs: a sampling period of 50 ms
  • Easy technical settings intuitive ease of operation thanks to the CX-Thermos software with no source of energy
  • Higher display contrast thanks to White LCD technology that can be seen from a far and from any angle.
  • Useful diagnositic and alarm functions for safe use.
  • Practical timer and logical functional operations that eliminate the necessity for using an automated programer.

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