About us

About OLPE Engineering

OLPE is a family run business whose business is centered around Engineering processes, industrial maintenance, electronic hardware distribution. The company was founded by Mercedes Olalla and Fernando Peña after the 1978 industrial crisis. At the beginning our basic activity was electronic maintenance. During the past 35 years our activity has diversified and we now produce electronic equipment and distribute electronic hardware for a wide variety of industrial areas. This has allowed us to be present in many countries such as Germany, France, U.S.A., England, Portugal, Brazil, Mexico, Thailand, South Africa, the Chec Republic, India and Italy.

OLPE Engineering is specialized in developing production processes. Tailor made results that cover our clients individual needs. Olpe performs in design areas, prototyping, mechanization, assembly, mounting, programming, installation and maintenance.

During the past 35 years we have produced more than 800 custom made machines and have worked for mor than 400 clients in areas such as security, pharmeceutical, automotive, ceramics, textile, plastic molding, energy and nutrition.

OLPE would like to thank all of those clients who have had the consideration to work with them during this period. We hope they continue to confide in us now and in the future. We also appreciate the friendly relationship we have with our suppliers and other organizations that also support us on a daily basis. Above all, we would like to thank our team for their efforts so that the projects undertaken are finished in a timely and satisfying manner.

soldador  mantenimiento industrial Olpe Ineniería

Olpe has more than 30 workers which consists of industrial engineers, technicians, welders, lathe operators, grinding machine operators, mechanics, electricians, draftsmen, electronic programmers, administrators and sales people. All of them with extensive experience as well as constantly receiving up dated training.

The company's philosophy is based on permanent collaboration with their clients, understand their needs and problems, therefore offering, concrete solutions that adequately cover their objectives.

Olpe has a strong social obligation. The company is deeply involved in the work safety of its employees, care of the environment and actively participates in solidarity campaigns as well as sponsors for local sport teams.